Activity Level

What is Activity Level?

Activity Level indicates how active a member is on ISNA Matrimonials. In other words, it tells you how likely a member is to respond to your contact. It is calculated based on the member's past response and login pattern.

What does a high Activity Level mean?

Higher a member's Activity Level, higher your chances of getting a response. Of course, the response need not necessarily be positive. In other words, the member may even decline you. But, as they say, a negative response is better than no response

What if Activity Level is low?

Even if a member's Activity Level is low, we would still urge you to contact him/her. After all, you have nothing to lose.

How do I improve my Activity Level?

Keeping your Activity Level as high as 100% is really very simple- promptly respond to every single contact that you receive. Yes, we agree, at times it feels awkward to decline members. But please put yourself in the contacting members' shoes. For them too, a negative response is better than no response ! So, please respond to all your contacts. Good luck with your partner search